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    We look forward to see you in our sale office.
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A first in the field of investment in Turkey…

Alternative Real Estate Investment Opportunity: Student Residences

Especially in USA and England, student houses investment opportunity which is highly profitable for investor is in Turkey. We carry out the sale of student residences planned as a campus, designed for student living, and to be managed by an international brand in Turkey.


Univa Investment With Return In 8 Years

Minimum %8 rental income guarantee for 5 years

ERKANLI offers alternative investment opportunities, which ensue big returns on small investments in as a short period of time as 8 years.

UNIVA offers a dynamic investment opportunity; the project will be submitted in 24 months, with an option of 36 monthly payments with fixed term, and your rent income will pay your 12-month installments.


Taking into account the residence’s rate of increase (at least 50 % rate of increase after the project is completed) and the gradual increase in the rent for 15 years, the time of return may drop to less than 8 years. (These rates of increase aren’t included in the calculation of return in 8 years.) Note: When the real estate sale prices and the corresponding amounts of rent in Turkey compared, you can ensure a return in 20-25 years.


Regular And Increasıng
Rent Income

UNIVA offers a faster and more profitable rent income from standard apartments and offices.


The existing dorms in Sakarya can meet the demand of only 34 % of over 100.000 students. The insufficient number of dorms coupled with poor physical conditions causes a need for new and modern living spaces. Adjacent to the university campus in a unique location and designed in a way to meet the accommodation and daily needs of ever-increasing number of students; our project offers a profitable enterprise. It also provides its investor with a regular rent income and an investment in an area on high-demand. Our rents will be increased depending on the annual inflation rate and increase in demand.


Internatıonal Brand Of Student Residence

First time in Turkey student residences will be managed by a world-famous brand by international standards and technology. Thus your investment will obtain a brand value and its continuity will be insured.

The biggest in its sector in the U.S.A., Asset Campus has a dorm and student residence investment worth 3,5 billion dollars. Producing services in the U.S.A. and many world countries, and managing over 120 student residences in professional terms, it is now in Turkey in partnership with ERKANLI.


Campus Life
In Univa

Thinking young, UNIVA professionally fulfills student expectations and demands with its developed social sites. UNIVA presents students with distinct spaces of socialization.

Not simply a campus but a lifestyle; UNIVA offers a distinct life to you with its cafes, restaurants, shops, open-air theatres, specially designed paysage areas, gyms, computer rooms, TV and video rooms, karaoke, lounges, laundry and ironing rooms, spas, supermarket, the hairdresser’s and thematic rooms specially designed for academic purposes, and services.

With ERKANLI and ASSET CAMPUS collaboration...

ERKANLI and ASSET CAMPUS will continue its “Univa Student House Campuses” investments in various cities of Turkey under the brand of UNIVA.

We set off to do the firsts in Turkey...

Combining its experiences gained from national and international projects and its investment capacity, ERKANLI realizes projects, which make a difference.

High-Quality Life with UNIVA...

Just a quick walk from Sakarya University and located on 29.000 m2 and featuring 405 independent units and room capacity of 810 within a closed area of 60.000 m²; the first student residence project, UNIVA will offer a high-standard, multi-purpose service of “Student Residence” for 2500 students.

Our campus area is designed in the form of a living-campus where students can join different activities. Our open areas include soccer and basketball fields, barbecue and recreational sites, pool, walking and cycling tracks, concert and performance centers, open-air cinema and paysage areas.


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