Student Advantages



Fullfilment of student needs and demands in the best possible way under international brand management,

Student counselling and guidance service for all kinds of problem, 24 hour security ,

A young and dynamic living space with social facilities and market place and all kinds of activities ,

A lot of concert, exhibition, performance, conference and seminar activities for entertainment and education purposes,

Thematic study rooms special for different disciplines.

The youth is here.... Where are you?

On UNIVA campus; there are gyms and sport studios, caffes, restaurants and brands in student taste, spa, closed pool, conference rooms, supermarket, Xerox center, study rooms, computer room, lounges, TV and video rooms, karaoke, the hairdresser’s, dry cleaning, laundry and ironing rooms, storage system, emergency, and garage.

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It’s been specially designed for students.

UNIVA Sakarya provides study rooms and spaces (besides the private library) for the special needs of students from different disciplines. It makes a touch not only on entertainment and comfort but also on education.

The social life that you imagine…

High-quality and comfortable living space, which helps students socialize outside education.

Living Campus

Thinking young, UNIVA professionally meets student expectations and demands with its developed social spaces.

Open Spaces

Soccer and basketball fields, pool, walking tracks, concert and performance areas, barbecue, recreation areas, open-air theatres, specially designed paysage areas...

Closed Social Spaces

gyms, computer rooms, TV and video rooms, karaoke, lounges, laundry and ironining rooms, spas, supermarket, the hairdresser’s and thematic rooms specially designed for academic purposes, and services.

In Home Warmth

Students will be feeling like home in our rooms, where they can reach modern and safe services in a clean environment. UNIVA professionally meets student expectations and needs.

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